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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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time to undetandthose gatt. that's my "2 cents more". we will continue our investigation. join us tomorrow. every night. lou: se. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. we begin with breaking news. tornado tore throu aerial footage shows the catastrophic devastation of fires breing out. severely damaging a hospital. at least one house as you saw. emergency crews scrambling to find survivors as you can see, the area litelly, literally flattened,
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much f it by this mil wide tornado, which stayed on the ground and incomprehensible almost 45 minutes. th eritrean least 29 people injured in the tornado, seven o those are inritical condition. there have been no deaths reported. the associated press is reporting several children and pull of the rubble alive is a toon, city of some 56,000 people . a suburb of oklahoma city. classifying is tornado as at least preliminarily and f4, the second-highest rating. when streets of the 200 miles-per-hour.
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that is in part definition of the extended damage. one cannot imagi much more severe damage them what we are already seeing here in the aftermath of this tornado. it is the intensity reminding some of the 1999 tornado and up that also hit the suburb. the know, and kansas. joining as nam this is every piece video, the pictures that we're seeg them suggest this is extraordinary damage. your thoughts. >> catastrophi and very sad day . very nearly similar to the tornado went through both 1999 and 2000.
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the threat continues. unfortunately we are not of the woods. down stop and to north texas. tornadoes are possible throughout the evening. dangerous at any point today, but as you move into the cer of darkness, extran the dangerous. a lot of real-estate. lou: the swath of this is amazg. this region from up, city to dallas texas is -- tornadoes ar remarkably common in that part of the country i a specific region. i you suggesting that we should see significant numbers spawn
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here in these -- and oklahoma. moving toward dusk. >> as we head into the evening theonditions are favorable that we cod see a few more tornadoes. hopefully e worst is over, but , again, the conditions are coming together for a large damaging storm, more tornadoes east of oklahoma. this cut off to a very slow start. very volatile. lou: and very, very dangerous. wethank you very much. we will turn outo the day's other news, the scandalplagued
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white house. the monks the numbers of questions that are rising, perhaps becoming principal amon them, and -- when do contradictions beat become the misrepresentations and windy srepresentations become wise to? standard -- scandal after scandal becomes of conspiracy against truth. when this conspiracy become a denial of the public right t know. that does not amount to a cover-up, what is a? we take of that up tonight, and we began with white house press secretary jay carney who at the very least completely contradicted statements that he made about the irs scandal. here e is one week ago referrin to thewhite house counsel saying and no one other than catherine knew anything about e inspector general's.
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>> can you say no one had any owledge or was involved in any way in the taing of the tea party group by the hars? >> yes. we found out about this in -- the counsel's office was notified about this activity very broadly. just a few weeks ago. lou: to date the presidens white house spokesperson told a much stiffer story. details about the report including the targeting o tea party and conservative groups was known. senior white house staff was briebut the white house counsel back on april 24th. >> informed the inspector general for tax was completing report about lying irs employee properly scrutinizing what are known as 501c4 organizations by using words such as tea party and patriot. the council informed the chief of staff and other members o
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the senior staff. at no time did anyone on the staff intervene with the ira's inspector general'audit. >> but there were discussions here. >> and as i said, there were conversations from the white house chief of staff of this would general counsel, treasury and the chief of staff office i treasury about the timing, anticipated timing and potentia findings. lou: tryi to downplay the truth about the dozen. jay carney claim the number of occasions that investors talkin ints should be edited. changing the word consate said diplomatic outpost. the release of 94 pages of internal white house e-mails an documents last week has claimed to be utterly inaccurate. that brings us to attorney-general eric holder an his plan that he knew nothing about is justice department seek release seizing telephone
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records from the associated press. claimed he cuse himself from the investigation after being questioned by the fbi about police tt were the subject of that these attorneyseneral forgot when he recused himself. he said exactly that. he did manage to blame his deputy for the subpoenas that were issued that led to the sear of the ap phone records. today the washington post reported that our own chief washington correspondent h been the target of e-mail seizures and a phone record regarding a north korean nuclea test. the department of justice going as far as to call rosen a criminal co-conspirator. in indeed his duty as a journalist.
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this glass was say the attorney general claimed was for congres with regard to the potential prosecution of the press fo the disclosure material that is not something that i havever been involved and, heard of, or woul think would be a wise policy. the ms ration trying to deflate distracthe public from a rising number of scandals. the white house with another reversal onhe ir scandal. the press secretary is sticking with his standard playbook response to mount the information and being truthful and director of the american publ. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has the report. >> new problems for president ama and the irs scandal. a spokesman seemed to change th account in two y ways. >> the white house counsel was informed that the inspector
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general for tax administration was completing the report about irs employees improperly scrutinizing what are known as 501c4 organizationby using words such as tea party an patriot. >> now saying he at least some details about the probe, given that yesterday's senior adviser dan pfeiffereemed to suggest otherwise about what the white house was told. >> not the details of what happened o the result of the investigation. >> suddenly revealing to a wide approved senior white house official were informed of the probe but did not tell the president. >> after that initial notification enable the white house counsel informed the chie of staff and other members of the senior staff. at no tim did anyone on the staff intervene withhe heiresses director-general audit . >> he only mentioned that ron meyer had been informed and dow
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plated by saying that e was bullied about the fact that the ads he was finishing a review o matters involving the office. >> the bririefing last week abo white house officials ing aware, you just mentioned the office not that chief of staff and others. >> i think i said that white house counsele>. i did not know until friday, bu i'm getting ts infortion t you w. >> they believe that aids may have deliberaty insulate the presiden. >> someone has to be responsibl for running the governnt, and that is what people expect. they dot expect a continued second term of excuses. >> and the docrat said that he should have at least notify the president. >> i think she isn the wrong job if she does us your positio giving t president had said even before thereareinal conclusions just on crisis management, media, political basis >> strongly defending m noting ere were a lot o details she
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was not told before the report and know it would have beenar worse to appear like they were tamperingith the investigation . lou: thank you very much. chief white house correspondent. and, today, an explosive new inspector general report confirms the department of justice officials retaliated against the principle furious scandal. the report shows the former u.s attorney in tinselly lead to a seitive document to the press regarding atf special agent johnson in an efrt to undermine his credibility as a whistle-blower. inspector general alsoays, although he denied to get rational or investigators that he had any retaliatory but if ford actions we found substantial evidence to the contrary. forced to resign august of 2011 as part of the fallout from the
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botched gun runni scandal led by the justice department. the senate judiciary committee injuring his third week of wing amendments. senators today allowing foreign citizens through the busiest airports to undergo mandatory fingerprinting. the gang of eight plants suffered a significant setback today when a second union, one th repsents 12,000 erasion officers joined the union there represents 7,000 enforcement agts in opposition tohe plan . meanwhile, members of the house version also called the gang of eight, are refusing to talk abouanyform, their newly forged, reportedly newly forged agreement, but details of been leaked by their aides who said the house -- house measure sets a 15 year path to citizenship.
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disturbing new figures on the sexual abuse crisis in the u.s. military. an accounting by the departmen of veterans affairs is more tha 85,000 veterans were treate last year for injuries or illnesses stemng from sexual abuse and assault. well, women are more likely to be victims. men made up nearly 40 percentf thosseeking treatment for military sexual trauma. abuse of power, government overreach, lack of accountability, and that is the nicest way to put it. one coressman joins us here next. hillary clinton came as the ask what dference does it make about the deadly benghazi attack . and aassador john dalton and aassador john dalton explains the attack
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♪ lou: former senator scott brown says the obama administration has refused the trust of the american people in connection with the ira scandal. joining me now to discuss the political impact of the scandal that are emerging, former @%nator brown, now a fox news contributor. great to have you with us, and the more listen to what the semesters and says that more countries as we hear and yesterday outset when this representation becomes lies. >> well, there is the scandals. theirs is miscommunication. poop doing everythg. when is that get drawn them whe
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they cross the line. the right of free speech to us free-speech, check and balance is needed otherwise there is known check and balance. i have said bere and willay it again. what happened with the irs is unacceptable. there should be more heads rolling and you should have a t to bottom review of the agency and see what else they'r doing and then tried to reestablish the trust with the american people. the same thing with the ap, the justice depament. holder should have bee fired a long time ago. very few people have any faith in his abilities ter fast and furious comeback trying to have ksm tried in new york city. will we are hearing on and on and on. >> the attorney-general talking to the justice department
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testified before congress sayin that he could not imagine such thing as buying and the press when precise this attorney-general was doing preciselwhat he washe nine. itdoes not give more egregious than a. >> if he did he should be fired. he did notknow about it to me should be fired. the peopl wd for him and he works for the president. it has been a clear and convincing abuse ofuthority. almost a bullying, chilling affect on entities, individua citizens, news gathering agencies, individuals, and it i wrong. it is not what our country is about, and, as i said, hshould have been fired a longime ago. it is acceptable, and denny's to be some way to hold these folks responsible and accountable. lou: the justice department
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scandal in connection with the associated press records of its reporters and editors, the silence was deafening from before. they should have been in joinin this administration and green powerful critical the judgment to bear. now we find our colleagues, at least three of them and fox new had been surveiled and in the case of james rose and, someone in the justice department named him as a criminal co-conspirato which is -- this person not to be in jail forying in my opiniorighnow. what is your reaction? this is worsening by the week. >> this is america. -e do live in america. i am dumbfounded as to how people live still in their jobs. to take a wid swath thing go after d just have this blanket inquiries reformation,f it was a mo specific instance and
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there was a national security risk would say, okay, that is different, but that is not the ca. to label a journalist as a co-conspirator is very serious. obviously they need to be held accountable. i am shocked. every news agency, whether conservative, moderate, more liberal,oing after the justice department of filing the appropriate lawsuits to make sure that things like this do not happen again. lou: this administration is quickly making a clear, are the not, that they areas eager to, well, a sale of first amendment as they have th second. i thought people would think there would be limits. there apappe to be none. >> my thoughts are simple. we, as american citizens ve tillich of our rights and interests. when you have an executive branch and others to work for the executive branch y're
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taking ita stepoo far. you need to stand up as an american and brushback and that comes to med, individual citizens, filing lawsuits, pushing back by getting these people out of office and demandingedress and accounbility. a full, open, and the media and transparent investigion into each and every one of these matters. lou: tnk you very much. thank you. >> thank you. lou: turning out to wall street the dow jones industrials, the s&p, the nasdaq, all down slightly on the day. volume on the big boardd yah hoo stk moving higher ter the company announced it would y the blocking service paying 1illion in cash with the acquisition is expected to give the company at ast a social media platform to reach young greek users. united airlines resuming flight of its boeing 787 for the first time aft a four month grounding to the planes crowd the battery overating on some
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flights on other airlines earlier in the year receiving a subpoena to testify. an insider-trading investigatio into sac capital advisors, a 3 hedge fund telling invests la week is no longer cooperating. gold today snapping a 7-day losing streak. up $196 causing about $1,384 perunce with crude oil of $0.70 on the day selling just below $97 per barrel. the bond market, the yield on the tenth year rose, and the weekend box office, the second installment of star trek took the top spot. star trek into darkness and earning more than $70 million. impressive but not. as much as $100 million. buena vista batman three came i second with 35 million still doing its job. warner brothers, the great gatsby took third.
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so great authors joining as you're on the broadca. nathaniel joins us to talk abou his new book, focused on the battle that igned the american revolution. bunker hill, a city of siege. -eading military historians joining us tomorrow to talk about rolls to a transformed to peek into victory. the presidentialhistorian james hampton talks about the impact of john quincy adams and his wife on the formati of our nation in american phoenix. of next's tonight, the abuses first amendment practices of some in the obama administration . shannon green with a live repor about the latest on a fox news correspondent and our colleagues . stay with us. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser.
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clear the obama administration as willful blindness to the continuing threat of international terrorism is a major reon for some of the mistakes that were made before, during, and after leaving gauzy terrorist attack. joining us now, formeu.s. ambassador, fox is contributor. let me start, this president, this press secretary is seeming determined to screw up and contradict themselves day afr day after day. would it be not more simple to simply step forwar and talk candidly to the american people? >> tt would require real president. i have never seen the administration, especially one by the renoed constitutional scholar that we have and the white house that does that seem to underssand thathe president is in charge of the executive bran and while he is able to take credit for all the wonderful tngs that can happen , our military kills osama
10:30 pm
, he is also responsible when there are mistak. irresponsibility apparently encompasses the area of the ova office and not much else. lou: standby for, for whatever reason on televisn to tend to the administration. a political operative. and he is the one standing before the american people saying things like, the law is irrelevant. the benghazi attacks were largely irrelevant. who edited the talking points i irrelevant and ambassador susan rice is owed anpology. your thoughts? >> irrelevant is a word he obviously learned the therere you went on the talk shows. th idea that you can simpdismis the last refuges of administration that does not want to talk about substance. the fact is, they had a view of
10:31 pm
the world that says these are not terrorist attacks. must b something else. they still own up to the story about the mom a video, and the susan rice talking points ar symbolic of the entire story line that they developed. but it is also emblematic of th larger administration. he is a polical hack of with that to -- that is who is running a government. we have a president he still thinks that being president's still consists of giving eeches in going on in the running campaign. in some ways we should be happy for that, but thefact is, unless the president takes charge, and then lessee gives signals his canet officers, the secretary of the treasu is inharge of the internal revenue service, the attorneys general may come as a surprise to eric holder is in charge of the justic department, and to ld people accountable for what happens under thr responsibility. lou: the same attorney-general to just one week euro promise
10:32 pm
the congress that he would neve ever permit the persecion of the working journalist in this country by his justified. >> policy works for fox. lou: an the associated press thank you very much. i appreciated. up next, the latest tornadoes raging through the midwest. absolutely levelling one neighborhood. there are no deaths reported to this hour. the devastation, however, is extraordinary. the latest for you if next. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really matted... you suggested luxury car service instd of "stngth training with patrick willis." come todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a loand umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature.
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♪ lou: we are following breaking newsf oklahoma. volunteers and first responders at this hour are srching for survors fromassive tornadoes . this city hit by a mile-wide tornado with winds up to two under mileper-hour, to hospitals in the area say they're treating at least 29 people injured in the tornado.
10:36 pm
seven are in critical condition. local news outlets are reportin upo 200 injured and the associatedpress is reporting that miraculously several children had been pulled ave from rubble of an elementary school this story not reporting any deaths at this time and wil have the latest for you as it comes in. returning to the scandal-plague white house, the federal governmentccess to personal e-mails of fox chief washington correspondent james sen by swearing a jud that they suspected the journalist of committing arime. as part of their investigation to possible leaks of claified affirmation. fox correspondent, i d.c. based producer also targeting. this comes as the justice burto is under fire for secretly obtaining phone records of the associated press reporters and
10:37 pm
editors. green with our report. >> that is a dangerous notion, notion that the press becomes a crimina by gathering informatio. >> seven is exactly how the fbi agent characterize the conduct of cheeks a reserve is in. he obtained an intelligence report from the state departmen source. fbiagents reginald ray s in an affidavit fil said that he believed that rosa is broken th law. at the very least ith as an a year, better, and/or co-conspirator. >> the notion of gathering news from someone who may not have the authority to provide the news is extremely dangerous. >> as a reporter i always on th confidentiality of my dealings with all my sources.
10:38 pm
not contacted by any government or law enforcement representative during e vestigation which included not only access to his pernal e-mail account a tracking his movements after the state department the is blding pass . executive vice president of new at fox says, we're our rage to learn today that james rose and was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter. in fact, it is our right chilling and we will unequivoca defend his right to operate as member of what up untilnow has always been a free press. the justice department today saying weeks of classified -- leaks of classified information to the press can prevent seriou risk of harm to national security at prompting investors to add all laws d policies are intended to safeguardthe first amendmentinterests of the press and reporting the news and the public receiving a. a balance white house press secretary y carney says the president also respects.
10:39 pm
>> she is a defender of the right of the press toursue investigative jourlism. he is also, as i said, as president and assistant insistence upon n the need tmak sure the classified leaks that can endanger our national security in the lives of american men and women overss be taken seriously. >> also today they're reported to a possible leak related to the gun walki operation best and furious, e-mails of fox reporterand a senior producer. doj officials tell us that they@ did not subpoena e-mails our records an investigation. it's happening again and again and again. and it is e time to call halt to. >> on capitol hill measures aimed at protecting reporrs agnst having to reveal sources have been introduced in the house and senate and have bipartisan support. e president has said he will support legislation that strike
10:40 pm
the proper balance. >> suburbia balance. lou: up next, the obama administrationrying to deflate , deflects, distract. trying to limit political dame from wha is a growing number of scandals. congresswoman eleanor ross join me next. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completelyntegrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity option.. evaluate them with p&l cculator... and execute faster with our morentuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovatieason serious ininvestors are chsing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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10:44 pm
as many as 200 people, as i said , injured and are being treated in area hospitals two other very hospitals treating at least 29 people in that tordo, seven of them, are told, are in critical condition and no deaths have been reported by authoritie at this hour, and let us pra that it remain so we will give you the latest as the details come in here. our next guest saysshe is deeply frustrated by the government over reached, the lack of accountability, the ineptitude. joining us now, member of the committee. it's great to have you witus. >> thank you very much. lou: this demonstration, you sa you're frustrated. it appears the eire congress, not the entire congress, will much of it is deeply frustratee.
10:45 pm
you have been, frankly, if you have not been lied to, i don'' know whatelse to call it when you are receiving testimony fro an acting commissioner of the irs or you aren't listening to the attorneys general. my gosh, where does this stop? >> even hillary clinton herlf when she appeared before community finally. what this administration is living a two is three coach, ha been nothi, blame everybody, and deny everything. they haveeen true to that every step of the way. deadman no wrong. the press secretary says, i appreciatyour question and the other guy says, this is irrelevant to know whether president was when bengzi, the attack on the council was takin place. it is an irrelevant facts to ow whether the president was doing a fund-raiser or sleeping soundly in bed and four americans died, including our
10:46 pm
ambassador and it does not matter and is an irrelevant facts? i want to know where the president was, or all of these people were because we want to prevent another benghazi. this administration just keep neglecting the facts because we call them irrelevant and then g on these talk shows. that was as simple as susan ris when she went on as talk shows. you're going to show up then have the facts and own up to it. stop denying what happen and then to say with a straight fac that the president was not told or knew about it because he looked at it and saw it on television. that just does not even pass this straight face test. it is an insult to the american people, neve mind that they're running roughshod over congress. you should bensulted the this administration is admitting nothing, denying everything, an blaming everybody. you are beinglayed for a
10:47 pm
sucker. lou: you articulated in that manner, it is compelling becaus it does fit preciseey the rules of the road that they're following here.. and at the me time, it is precisely the same response, as you point out, to whether it i benghazi, the intern revenue service, the justice department infringing on the first amendment right of the associated press now. now fox news as well. to claim that they did nothing wrong in this and as you put it with straight face, it is -- it is just -- >> flabbergasting. an insult to the american people . this is that the administration that came in and i were saying there were going to be that mos transparent administration in history. will we have seen allies, deception, a web of irigue. everybody knew everything excep the president.
10:48 pm
so everydy is on board was saying we have to protect the president tell costs and his main rol, will have here in a letter there, but it is protecting the king. this is what is happening. they're conducting this administration as if tre were an imperial presidency. we have a repsentative democracy. these individuals have to answe to the american public through their reesentatives, and i think this level of frustration is going to grow and grow and grow and the people see that this is not a partisan witch nt. this isot anything having to do with waste, creed, color, partisanship. this has to do with accountability, transparency, and making sure that th people's business is being take care of. when it came to osama,we had this view of the situation room as this wonderful military operation was going down. every tragedy we have photos.
10:49 pm
where words the president and benghazi in that night. where has he been in all of lou: thank you very much. great to have the >> thank you. we invite you to go to our social mia sites, go to, finally star facebook page. e-mail me, or you can tweet me. up next, the bran new book, this is it. it is called bunker hill, and i gives us a new and fascinating look at, well, the aspects of that important battle. anuthor of nathaniel joins us here next.
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thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil anduzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything fromhe best experiences below... to the fint comforts above. we're not simply saluting histy... we're making it.
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lou: seen.
10:53 pm
lou: my next guest brings new perspectives to but every aspec of the revolutionary war in his new book. that battle of bunker hill, reconstructing how we might think about the revolutionary era, geographically, politically , and in the illogically. joining me now, author of bunke hill, nathaniel, great to have you with us. congratulations on the book. i want to sta with something you say which is, you like to work from 1-hand accounts of war . why is that and how the you fin something new to say about bunker hill, for crying aloud? >> it is a battle that we all sort of have heard about what i find it in the historic event, even if it is well-known, once
10:54 pm
you get into the archives and the get the letters and diaries are written by participants and use those voices, you get a different sense of what happened . it was just a horrific event. lou: we're putting it up on the screen right w. most people scratch their heads and think, my gosh. the year before 1776. what happened during that time. that is why th is important because it set the stage for everythinghat was to follow. what is the one mperception shared by most americans that you would like to fix, if you will? >> one of the sconceptions that i had going into this was that it was patriot's verses british, black-and-white from the very beginning. when i quickly began to realize
10:55 pm
was how big rig there was in th middle. did not know which side they would go to cause no one is talking about independence. it is a representation, and eve the most radical patriots still want to be a part of the empire, and for me it was amazing to watch how that a group in the tal had the t sides. al of this happened well before the declaration of independence. lou: i cannot help but think as you talk about the role, the patriots you're basically guing for status quo but denying, if you will, governments, that is sort of resonati today. you hear people talk about taking america back. it is hard to see which error they really want to retreat to. it is so startling to think how a pardon e status quo is to so many revolutionaries, particularly the american revolutionaries. >> britain was the one wanting
10:56 pm
@% go in the modern direction and retool the empire so that everyone within a was paying fo their upkeep. the colonists particularly in the northet have been on their ow in what was known as the salutary neglect. so what they wanted was t stay the way that it has always been the society that thefour fathers died forthey wanted to ep it. so quite a nservative initial impulse fore it went into independence. lou: the book is bunker hill written by nathaniel filbert. one of thh things that strikes me as we wrap up. about 30 seconds. as this o to mention, the number of americans killed in the revolutionary war, i think th they stunned many here do nounderstand that if you were killed in the war itself. >> wallow, and in the batter-- battle of bunker hill was the
10:57 pm
bloodiest battle of the work. montreal was different. lou: you will let everyone find out how different. we recommend the book highly. with the sparkash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contra ea? ththank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] ris' sma business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimon please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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neil: do not assume this early on barack obama scores. i am neil cavuto. what to make of a president more popular after the scandals broke than before, hard to say, but this much is not taxing as irs scandal may be, it has prooen not too much for most americans, does cover some of the period in which scandals blew open, not just irs craziness but the justice department targets ap reporters, and benghazi


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